Helpful Tips for Showing Your Home

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If you want to sell your home in the soonest time at a good price, you need to make your house look attractive and interesting to buyers. Here are twenty sure-fire tips to do this:


  • The first thing you need to take care of is the outside since this is the first thing that potential buyers see. The lawn must be trimmed and free from clutter. Walks and s]teps should be clean from ice, snow and debris. The fron door needs to be clean and make the entry look inviting.
  • Faded paint and worn out wood makes your house look old and cheap. Spending on a new wallpaper will be worth your money. Take time and effort to redecorate your house and you’ll sell your house at a good price.
  • Bright and sunny rooms add to the charm. So open the curtains and let the sun shine in. It’s cost free but can do a lot of wonders.
  • Do all the necessary repairs – Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and other minor.
  • Make your attic basement, and other utility space look bigger by removing storage bins. Painting the walls with a light color can brighten the mood and make them look more spacious.
  • Ensure safety. Take away any clutter that can cause injury, especially in the stairs.
  • Make closets, cabinets, shelves and cupboards look spacious by arranging things neatly.
  • Bathrooms should look clean and bright. And the faucets should be working.
  • Make the bedrooms look neat, beautiful and relaxing. Use attractive bedspreads and newly washed curtains.
  • Make sure all the lights in the house are working. Turn on all the lights for an evening tour. It will give potential buyers a feel of glowing warmth.


  • Avoid having too many people in the house during house tours or inspection. This will make the buyer feel like an intruder.
  • Music helps. But make sure it’s soft and mellow. The agent should be able to converse easily with the buyers.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are not in the way.
  • Be polite and accomodating but don’t force conversation. Maybe the buyer needs space to think or just take everything in.
  • Never apologize for the appearance of your home. Leave it to your agent to answer inquiries or objections.
  • Just stay in the sidelines. Your agent is trained and experienced in doing this. They will know how to emphasize the positive features of your house. And allow your agent to discuss price, terms, possession and other petinent factors. They are qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.
  • Don’t dispose of furniture and furnishings before a buyer has bought the house.
  • Show your home to prospective buyers only by appointment through your agent. They could handle the tour better as professionals and can sell your house more quickly.